Emika Sandhiya

Principal Microwave Engineer

Emika Sandhiya

When did you join Leonardo?

I joined the company in August 2009. As a microwave engineer, I was keen to expand my skillset and gain experience across the field – from component level design right through to system level design with test & measurement opportunities. Leonardo provides an excellent platform for my professional development and in my time working here, I've been involved in Monolithic Microwave ICs (MMICs) design, multi-layer microwave PCB design, system level architecture, and a wealth of test and measurement experience, ranging from wafer-level mm-scale devices to a complete AESA radar in an anechoic chamber. This has afforded me an unprecedented level of experience and a bird’s eye view on the development of a cutting-edge radar system. Leonardo is also at the forefront of radar technology with innovation being the very engine of our products, and this allows me to keep at the forefront of microwave radar engineering and develop my expertise in the area.


What are your main tasks as a Principal Microwave Engineer?

My main activities are the design, build and testing of innovative RF & Microwave solutions for radar systems. I work as part of an inter-disciplinary team to provide a complete antenna solution. This includes holding internal design reviews for each stage of the process and presenting progress reviews to external customers.


Tell us about your typical day

Typically, my day will involve a mix of detailed microwave design, requirements capture, preparing and delivering design and progress reviews, and liaising with the team members from different disciplines to ensure our common goals towards product development remain on course.


What do you enjoy about working at Leonardo?

I enjoy the variety of work that I am involved in on a day-to-day basis. There is never a dull moment as I always feel I’m learning as well as developing my skillset and knowledge base. Working in a team towards a common solution provides endless opportunities to grow as a well-rounded engineer and working at Leonardo definitely provides plenty of scope for this.


Leonardo thrives on innovation and developing cutting-edge products, and, having completed a PhD, I was keen to continue being involved in producing novel designs that push the boundaries of microwave technology. I find working at Leonardo a perfect fit for me. I also thoroughly enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team and expanding my knowledge in other areas of engineering.


On a personal level, being a mum, I have benefitted greatly from Leonardo's generous maternity leave and continue to benefit from the flexible working policy that has allowed me to return to work part-time in order to strike a comfortable work-life balance.