Naomi Mitchison

Senior Hardware Engineer, Advance Targeting

Naomi Mitchison

When did you join the company?

I joined the company in 2012, having graduated a few years before and worked in England for a couple of years. I wanted to move back to Edinburgh, where I’d studied, as I loved the city and had family and friends living here.


What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

I didn’t really know what I was signing up for when I applied for a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. I think I had a vague idea it might involve robots, but it was only once I’d started that I really realised how practical, relevant and exciting the course was. Suddenly, I was learning skills that I could put to use making actual, tangible products that could be used in real-world situations. The excitement of that realisation still hasn’t left me!


What do you enjoy about your work as an engineer?

I love the freedom I have to make my own decisions and manage my projects and my time as I want (within reason of course). I also like the challenge of solving real problems and the excitement of seeing a design come to life over the course of a project.


What has been your greatest engineering achievement so far?

Since starting work with Leonardo, I’ve been working on a laser warner – it was a big challenge as my circuit design was one of the densest designs the company had ever made! It involved working closely with various internal departments and external suppliers to get things to run smoothly, but seeing the circuit work at the end was very satisfying.


Why should someone consider a career in engineering…and particularly with Leonardo?

Engineering is a massively varied industry, so there will always be new areas to discover and things to learn, but fundamentally, engineering lets you put your skills to use in a practical way. Joining a large company like Leonardo is a great opportunity to work with experience and talented engineers, and understand how all the separate areas of the company come together to make, sell and support a product. Leonardo is also very good at encouraging the development of their engineers, whether on the technical side or in other areas such as management or operations, so that you can continue to build on what they've learned.


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