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Leonardo is recruiting a variety of job roles across its UK business and sites for skilled professionals. To find a job by location, please click on one of the following tabs:


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Job Title Ref Function
Principal ILS Engineer 2955 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Principal Systems Engineer Mode 5 UK 2954 Engineering
Platform Principal Systems Engineer Mode 5 2953 Engineering
Lead (EW) Systems Engineers x 5 2789 Engineering
Senior Mechanical Engineer 2755 Engineering
Principal Project Planner 2716 Project Management
Lead Systems Engineer 2708 Engineering
Lead RF Systems Engineer 2707 Engineering
Principal Hardware Engineer 2468 Engineering
Principal Systems Engineer 2306 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Security Event Analyst 2050 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Project Engineering Manager 2919 Secure Engineering
Design Engineer 2918 Secure Engineering
Project Engineering Lead 2916 Secure Engineering
Systems Engineer 2245 Secure Engineering
Systems Engineer 2156 Secure Engineering
Solutions Architect 1794 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Logistics Operative 2992 Engineering
Material Controller 2969 Engineering
Software Engineers 2968 Engineering
Inspection Technician 2967 Engineering
Senior Project Planner 2942 Engineering
Principal Electronics Engineer 2917 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer 2817 Engineering
Senior Hardware Engineer 2803 Engineering
Systems Engineer 2797 Engineering
Principal Systems Engineer 2765 Engineering
Senior Hardware Engineer 2759 Engineering
Senior / Principal RF Engineer 2742 Engineering
Principal Laser Engineer 2739 Engineering
Principal Systems Engineer 2731 Engineering
Principal Systems Engineer 2727 Engineering
Senior Optical Engineer 2637 Engineering
Senior/Principal Software Engineer 2627 Engineering
Senior Mechanical Engineer 2605 Engineering
Senior Supportability Engineer 2498 Engineering
Senior Supportability Engineer 2497 Engineering
Senior Microwave Engineer 2459 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer 2456 Engineering
Senior/Principal MMIC Engineer 2398 Engineering
Graduate Software Engineer 2308 Engineering
Systems Engineer 2190 Engineering
Principal Software Engineer 2172 Engineering
Principal Firmware Engineer 2097 Engineering
Senior Digital Hardware Engineer 2039 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Systems Process Design 2532 Engineering
ECM Mission Data Developer 2464 Engineering
Senior Test Equipment Engineer 2146 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Defence Analyst - Weapon Systems Assessment 2937 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer 2783 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
FPGA Designer 2995 Engineering
Senior Mechanical Engineer 2951 Engineering
Lead Software Engineer (.Net, C#) 2949 Engineering
Airborne EW Systems Engineer 2929 Engineering
Microwave Design Engineer 2928 Engineering
Hardware Design Architect 2927 Engineering
Senior Commercial Officer 2819 Support Role / Other Functions
Software Team Leader 2806 Engineering
Lead Systems Engineers x 4 2786 Engineering
Sub Contract Manager 2632 Support Role / Other Functions
Senior Systems Engineer x 4 2528 Engineering
EW/RF Systems Product Development x 3 2527 Engineering
Systems Design Engineer 2533 Engineering
Software Engineer – Desktop Development 2525 Engineering
Systems Engineer x 4  2524 Engineering
ECM Mission Data Developer 2464 Engineering
Procurement Manager 2266 Support Role / Other Functions


Job Title Ref Function
Project Assurance Engineer 2941 Engineering
Lead (EW) Systems Engineers x 5 2789 Engineering
Lead Systems Engineers x 4 2786 Engineering
Chief Systems Engineer 2776 Engineering
Principal Software Engineer 1555 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Site Facilities Maintenance Engineer 18/028 Engineering
Senior Project Planner 18/018 Project Management
Chartered Company Secretary 17/212 Support Role / Other Functions
Site Facilities Project Manager 17/201 Support Role / Other Functions
Contracts Manager 17/153 Support Role / Other Functions
Technical Manager - Avionic Systems 17/108 Engineering
Flight Mechanics Specialist 17/104 Engineering
Structural Dynamics Analyst 17/103 Engineering
Rotor Dynamics Analyst 17/100 Engineering
Technical Area Planner 16/105 Engineering
Programme Integration Planner 16/104 Engineering
Avionic System Engineer 16/048 Engineering
Graduate Engineers GradEng Engineering