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Leonardo is recruiting a variety of job roles across its UK business and sites for skilled professionals. To find a job by location, please click on one of the following tabs:


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Job Title Ref Function
Bid Manager 2148 Support Function / Other Roles


Job Title Ref Function
Senior Security Event Analyst 2050 Secure Engineering
Change Manager NCIRC 1951 Secure Engineering
Technical Support Engineer NCIRC 1802 Secure Engineering
Systems Engineer NCIRC 1801 Secure Engineering
Cyber Security FPC Engineer SEL004677 Secure Engineering
Cyber Security Engineer (NIPS) SEL004674 Secure Engineering
NCIRC Systems Engineer SEL004549 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Bid Manager 2205 Support Function / Other Roles
Management Accountant 2196 Support Function / Other Roles
Systems Engineer 2156 Secure Engineering
Sales Manager 2138 Support Function / Other Roles
Infosec Consultant 2107 Secure Engineering
Solution Architect 1794 Secure Engineering
SOC Security Analyst 1756 Secure Engineering
Network Engineer 1742 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Senior/Principal Hardware Engineer 2192 Engineering
Principal Test Equipment Engineer 2191 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer 2190 Engineering
Principal Software Engineer 2172 Engineering
Principal Laser Engineer 2170 Engineering
Principal Firmware Engineer 2097 Engineering
Senior / Principal Hardware Engineer 2084 Engineering
Senior Hardware Engineer 2039 Engineering
EMC Engineer 1993 Engineering
Senior EMC Engineer 1969 Engineering
Principal Firmware Engineer 1739 Engineering
Senior Optical Engineer 1556 Engineering
Senior/Principal Software Engineer SEL004628 Engineering
Senior/Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004575 Engineering
Senior / Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004537 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Senior Systems Engineer 2051 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Lead Systems Engineer Mode 5 2152 Engineering
Platform Engineering Lead Mode 5 2149 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer 1952A Engineering
Bid Manager 1843 Support Function / Other Roles


Job Title Ref Function
Manufacturing Operative 2214 Manufacturing
Manufacturing Operative 2213 Manufacturing
Manufacturing Operative 2212 Manufacturing
Manufacturing Operative 2211 Manufacturing
Manufacturing Operative 2209 Manufacturing
Assistant Project Manager 2208 Support Function / Other Roles
Project Manager 2207 Support Function / Other Roles
Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer 2203 Support Function / Other Roles
Principal Supportability Engineer 2201 Engineering
Process Engineer 2166 Engineering
Principal Software Engineer 1555 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
AW101 Instructor/Analyst (mechanical) AW17/112 Support Function / Other Roles
Air Traffic Controller AW17/085 Support Function / Other Roles
Avionics Systems Engineers AW16-AvSysEng Engineering
Compliance Specialist AW16/137 Support Function / Other Roles
Material Planning Analyst AW16/123 Support Function / Other Roles
Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials Engineers AW16/045 Engineering
Marine & General Airframe Systems Analyst AW15/216 Support Function / Other Roles