Jobs by type

Leonardo is recruiting a variety of job roles including engineers, analysts, programme and project managers, and many more. To find a job by type, please click on one of the following tabs:


Engineering Jobs

Job Title Ref Location
Senior Hardware Engineer 2039 Edinburgh
Senior EMC Engineer 1969 Edinburgh
Lead Supportability Engineer 1967 Any UK Site
Lead Firmware Engineer 1963 Luton
Data Management Engineer 1962 Edinburgh
Principle Antenna Engineer 1939 Edinburgh
Principal Systems Engineer 1770 Luton
Senior Mechanical (Stress) Engineer 1763 Edinburgh
Principal Firmware Engineer 1739 Edinburgh
Senior Firmware Engineer 1737 Edinburgh
Senior Laser Engineer 1720 Edinburgh
Senior Optical Engineer 1556 Edinburgh
Avionic Systems Engineers AW16-AvSysEng Yeovil
Avionic System Engineers AW16/109 & 110 Yeovil
Avionic System Engineer (Armament) AW16/108 Yeovil
Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials Engineers AW16/045 Yeovil
Systems Engineer SEL004691 Edinburgh
Senior Supportability Engineer SEL004658 Edinburgh
Senior/Principal Software Engineer SEL004628 Edinburgh
Senior/Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004575 Edinburgh
Senior / Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004537 Edinburgh
Senior / Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004465 Edinburgh
Senior Systems Engineer SEL004311 Edinburgh

Secure Engineering Jobs

Job Title Ref Location
Senior Systems Engineer 2051 London
Senior Security Event Analyst 2050 Belgium
Solutions Lead ANPR 1952 Belgium
Change Manager NCIRC 1951 Belgium
Senior Operations Analyst 1846 Bristol
Technical Support Engineer NCIRC 1802 Belgium
Systems Engineer NCIRC 1801 Belgium
Solution Architect 1794 Bristol
SOC Security Analyst 1756 Bristol
Network Engineer 1742 Bristol
Infosec Consultant SEL004734 Bristol
Cyber Security FPC Engineer SEL004677 Belgium
Cyber Security Engineer (NIPS) SEL004674 Belgium
NCIRC Systems Engineer SEL004549 Belgium

Support Function / Other Roles

Job Title Ref Location
Tax Manager AW17/040 Yeovil
Compliance Specialist AW16/137 Yeovil
Material Planning Analyst AW16/123 Yeovil
Project Manager - FCAS 1991 Luton
Logistics Operative 1964 Luton
Occupational Health Advisor 1736 Edinburgh
Senior Sub-Contract Buyer 1529 Luton
Systems Architect SEL004272 Basildon