The UK public, Government and Emergency Services themselves all demand improved performance from the ‘Bluelight’ community. However, at a time of increased budgetary pressures and rising expectations, meeting these objectives is incredibly challenging.


With this in mind, Bluelightworks was established to develop and maintain a collaborative partnership between practitioners, industry and academia to explore, analyse and inform better efficiency, cooperation, shared best practice and cost reduction to meet user-defined strategic goals within the emergency services.


The Leonardo-led initiative works innovatively across the domains of technology, people, training and infrastructure in order to deliver evidence-based options that improve performance and cost efficiency. This is achieved by conducting by conducting a range of user-sponsored projects covering impartial research, trials and testing of various methods to deliver the evidence of what does and does not work.


At the 2014 Police IT Suppliers Summit, UK Home Secretary Theresa May commented on how Bluelightworks has been instrumental in drawing attention to the potential savings in police IT contracts: "Police and Crime Commissioners are taking steps to better understand this issue [via] evidence collected by the Bluelightworks capability for the Police IT Board – which is led by Police and Crime Commissioners – about the spread of police IT contracts.” Said May; "While the report also found that some forces are sharing contracts, and others have plans to, we know that by acting alone forces fail to get the economy of scale necessary to deliver value for money."


More recently, in early 2016, at the same Summit, the Home Secretary, again referenced Bluelightworks, saying: "According to a report by Bluelightworks in 2015, the Police ICT Company could support forces to make £75 million savings in their IT budgets and a further £390 million in wider organisational savings, enabled by combining and streamlining operational services supported by shared IT platforms."


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