Alex Catley

Systems Engineer

Alex Catley

Tell us about your typical day?

Being a Systems Engineer, there generally isn’t a typical working day. I often find myself completing several pieces of work at any one time, which suits me perfectly.


Most recently, I have been working closely with an Integrated Project Team (IPT) to capture the requirements for a portion of this year’s work, whilst simultaneously designing the Systems Architecture in close conversation with the Software team. I often find myself working closely with all functions in the IPT, due to the nature of my role, which is vital for meeting stringent deadlines.


Conversely, the week before I was concluding verification testing for a project delivery, while arranging a system and the required documentation for an external customer delivery. Additionally, any other spare time I had was consumed preparing for customer/school demonstrations in the Systems Integration Lab (SIL).


So, as for a standard working day, I don’t really have one. However, I do have the opportunity to work and contribute in a high technology environment that is ever evolving.


What do you enjoy about working at Leonardo?

Working at Leonardo gives me opportunity to direct my career and development, whilst working in a highly technical environment. Another highpoint is that from day one on the Graduate Development Programme, I was encouraged to go away and work on a solution myself to deliver tangible contributions to the project, rather than being spoon fed.