Annie Cheung

Product Assurance Engineer

Annie Cheung

Why did you choose to join Leonardo?

I chose to join Leonardo because it is a world class company working on projects that are exciting, new and innovative, with great benefits for employees and in a location that was ideal for me!


What is your current position at Leonardo?

I’m a Project Assurance Engineer. I started as a Graduate and spent those years within a number of different functions (such as Procurement, Manufacturing, etc) to increase my business awareness and visibility of what other functions did. Since then, I’ve worked on a number of projects within Leonardo such as Praetorian, SAGE and RF Common Modules which has given me a fairly wide view of the products here.


Tell us about your typical week?

Due to the nature of my job, I sit within a number of project teams being responsible for the quality assurance of the products within that project. Therefore a week can vary massively depending on the issues, the progress, and the status of the project. Usually a ‘typical week’ involves engaging with the IPT, analysing data to find trends and potential issues, problem solving, working with suppliers, customers and designers, getting out and about to visit suppliers.


What do you like most about your job?

It was never a job I considered but it encompasses the things I enjoy and thrive on; the interaction with people and the ability to make a difference to the QA function and the business++


What do you hope to do next?

I hope to progress my career so that I eventually take a management role where I influence strategy! I would like to ‘make my mark’ within the business and set new benchmark standards for QA activities. However, job titles are not that important to me; the key thing for me is to continue to do something that I enjoy and motivates me!