Leonardo apprentices combat cyber-crime through resilience technology

Leonardo apprentices combat cyber-crime through resilience technology

The UK Government’s recent cyber security breach survey has confirmed that almost half of UK firms have been hit by breaches of their IT security, with smaller businesses coming off worst, with nearly one in five being forced to take a day or more to recover from their most disruptive breaches.


A team of Bristol apprentices working at Leonardo, an aerospace, defence and security company, has exceeded the expectations of experts working in their business, by creating a robust Disaster Recovery System, to help businesses recover more quickly from these types of IT attacks, hacks and cyber-crimes.


The apprentices were set the formidable challenge of designing, building and testing an affordable system so that it could be used by smaller customers. What gave this particular project a real twist was the fact that they had to build the system from scratch at zero cost, without drawing on existing technology, using equipment previously scheduled to be retired. The IT package had to be robust enough to cope with a range of challenging scenarios including fire, flood, loss of access to the building and failed computer software, to name a few.


After embarking on a steep learning curve which included setting up firewalls and de-risking software, the team comprising apprentices Alex Cameron, Jason Cardoz and Nat Clarke delivered a presentation on their Disaster Recovery Solution to Leonardo’s senior internal design authority. The team soon realised that the apprentices had managed to define a solution which initially wasn’t thought to have been feasible by more seasoned IT engineers.


Tim Ozmen, Head of Client Services, said: “I’ve been blown away by their success on this project. I have a team of highly skilled professionals who have up to 15 years’ experience in this specialised field who would’ve had their work cut out with something like this. But the apprentices dived straight in and created a really innovative solution. It just proves what the next generation of innovators can achieve given the right opportunity.”


The apprentices are now starting the next stages of their apprenticeships at the Bristol business which specialises in providing expert IT cyber security 24 hours a day for businesses across the UK.

Bristol 08/03/2018