Krishan Chavda

Assistant Commercial Officer

Krishan Chavda

What did you study at school?

I studied for my GCSEs and A-Levels at Manshead Upper School and throughout my time there I quickly acquired a keen passion for both Business and Economics. This led me to study both subjects at A-Level, with a view to attending University to study these subjects further in the future.


Why did you think an apprenticeship was the right path for your career development?

Once I had completed my A-Levels, my initial intention was to study Business with Economics at University. However this decision rapidly changed once I heard about the Apprenticeship opportunity at Leonardo. I felt the Apprenticeship route was the perfect way to kick-start a successful career within the corporate business sector, which was always a long-term desire of mine. Having the opportunity to obtain such invaluable real-life work experience through the rotation of placements at such a young age was an opportunity I felt I couldn't let pass.


What attracted you to the Leonardo apprenticeship scheme?

As a keen business person and somebody who wanted to gain exposure to the business world from such a young age, the opportunity to freely move around an organisation through placement rotation in a company with the stature of Leonardo was a great opportunity. The fact that I could continuously build upon my knowledge and skillset was a key contributing factor for me joining Leonardo's Apprenticeship scheme. Not only this, but the opportunity to also study for a degree which is funded by the company, whilst still earning a very competitive wage was a 'no-brainer' in my eyes.


What is your current position in Leonardo?

Assistant Commercial Officer. Within this role I work alongside the S&PT Commercial team, providing internal commercial support to the IPTs, including guidance and proposals. I also conduct negotiations and provide support to our end customer.


Tell us about a typical week?

Every week for me is a busy week, with a range of challenges and hurdles to overcome, along with a continuously varied workload. Since the completion of my Apprenticeship, I have become the sole Commercial point of contact for the SAGE product project team and SEER for Indonesia project team, whilst also providing daily commercial support with S&PT. The aforementioned activities are over and above the studying that I do for my University Degree in Business Management.


What do you like most about your job?

Two things:

  1. Having the opportunities to get involved in 'real' work which can impact the business both positively or negatively, depending on how I conduct myself.
  2. Having the opportunity to negotiate and interact with both the customer and end-user.


What has been your best moment/biggest achievement at Leonardo so far?

Becoming the 'Apprentice of The Year' within my first year of employment here at Leonardo. Further to this, I’m continuing to progress well within my degree and achieved a 1:1 for my second year of study. 


What do you hope to do next?

I aspire to be the best that I can possibly be and feel that if you do not set yourself ambitious goals you'll never allow yourself to be in the position of achieving great levels of success. Therefore, in the short-term I am concentrating on graduating from University with a First Class Honours Degree. In the longer term, I very much look forward to a long and successful career with Leonardo and one day hope to see myself on the board of Senior Management.


Why should aspiring business people consider an apprenticeship at Leonardo?

I believe the Leonardo apprenticeship provides aspiring business people with the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of business functions from a young age. It allows you the chance to gain a feel for the different functions and provides you with the ability to understand not only the business areas, but also where your skills best. Having the opportunity to freely move around an organisation every four months is an opportunity that not many people currently in business have had, and it's an opportunity that I feel is fantastic, as again it gives you a real insight and helps you to decide on the career path which is right for you. Furthermore, Leonardo gets apprentices involved in real work and considers apprentices as valued members of the company. There are also many extras to be obtained whilst being an apprentice and a general employee at Leonardo.