From Finmeccanica to Leonardo

28 April 2016 – From Finmeccanica to Leonardo

The Shareholders' Meeting approved the new name of Finmeccanica. After 68 years as a brand synonymous with innovation in the high technology industry, from the post-war period to the present day, Finmeccanica is reborn in the vision of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian genius who belongs to the world.


Yesterday Finmeccanica, today Leonardo – that brings together the wealth of skills and expertise of the companies absorbed in the One Company and represents a new chapter of development.


Why change our name?

Because we have changed – we have redefined our objectives and priorities and are on a new path of development and growth. We are no longer a financial holding company, but an integrated industrial entity at the forefront of technology and focused on delivering the expertise and solutions required by the industry of the future.


Because a new name is needed as the first and most important way to reflect the deep values ​​that are at the basis of our daily commitment, a symbol to represent the strength and quality of the change currently underway.


Why Leonardo?

Because Leonardo da Vinci was an innovator in the purest and most modern of ways, able to anticipate, 500 years ago, many of the technologies that currently form the foundation of our products: from the helicopter's rotor to the flying machine, from studies in the optics sector to armoured vehicles.


Because our identity – like Leonardo's – encompasses many different aspects: an important history made of successes, a permanent laboratory to develop skills and talent, a capacity to look further and imagine new solutions, and a constant focus on research and experimentation.


Leonardo symbolises our way of being, thinking and operating – it is a name that embodies our capacity to imagine and design solutions with ingenuity, creativity and passion. Engrained in the matrix of our company since its inception, our commitment to innovation and our ability to understand the needs, language and aspirations of our customers and partners ensure that as Leonardo we will continue to deliver solutions to meet future market demands.


Leonardo is the ideal bridge between historical legacy and our future in the high-tech industrial sectors.