Alessia Lanzi

Programme Manager

Meet Alessia. As a Graduate Programme Manager in Italy, she has been able to grow and enrich her personal and professional life through Leonardo's graduate programme, embracing the many opportunities afforded to her.

20 June 2019

I am a Programme Manager for Support & Service Solutions IT at Leonardo S.p.A., Via dell’industria, Pomezia.

I am a very enthusiastic person; I can always find an optimistic view of the world. I like this life approach of mine…it allows me to always find the strength and a good reason to go on and to trust in life and in people (even if not always so easy). I am an extremely curious person, I continually like to learn, discover something new and for this I like reading, travelling, having very long walks…in a certain way I love wandering!

What I like the most (and this is the main aspect of my personality) is interacting with people – with family, with friends, with colleagues…I can do everything with the right company! 

Why did you join Leonardo?

I didn’t look for Leonardo, but Leonardo found me. I was not really aware of what Leonardo was or everything it did, but since joining the graduate scheme, I have had the opportunity to discover and explore the wide range of areas in which the company operates.

The idea of such a large company with a range of opportunities was really fascinating for me and I was completely caught by the idea of joining a company which is able to contribute so much to the world with its technology and scientific innovations!

What does life on the Graduate Programme entail?

I like my job because it lets me meet people and opens my eyes to different topics – both managerial and technical. It gives me the possibility travel in Italy and abroad and to have direct contact with customers and suppliers. Basically it lets me stay with people!  

For me, my I-gr@d (graduate scheme) experience has been a very important occasion for growth and personal and professional enrichment. The scheme provides a fantastic opportunity to realise just how big and exciting (sometimes also “wild”) Leonardo’s footprint is, and how important my colleagues (both junior and senior) are in helping me achieve what I can. It has been and it is still now a sort of school in which you can learn how to work in harmony, to cooperate with colleagues, to help enhance Leonardo as an international company!

How are you preparing for the International Graduate Conference?

One of the best experiences we have as graduates is to collaborate side by side with colleagues from other sites in Italy and from the UK. It has been a creative and fun way to learn something about working as team in an efficient way with someone who may seem different to you because of nationality, language or their role. 

We have found that belonging to different cultures is an added value – I have seen great ideas born where a cultural difference could be seen as a constraint…but it is not so, it is an opportunity! And for all these reasons, I am looking forward to attending the graduate conference!

Generally speaking, during the period in which all of us have worked together for the final project work, I have realised how much different cultures, habits and perspectives have the “magic” effect to increase the value, to enrich the final result…a final result that is not only the work itself, but every one of us, everything we lived and felt and changed, are the amazing final result as well!