Santhosh Govardhan

09 April 2019

Meet Santhosh and learn about the opportunities and experiences he's gained since joining the company's graduate scheme, after completing his Master's Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

Why did you join Leonardo?

I joined Leonardo on the company’s Graduate Scheme as a Hardware Engineer. This was after completing my Master’s degree from the University of Glasgow which incorporated a couple of internships at the company’s Edinburgh site. I saw joining the company as an opportunity to challenge myself and to see just what I could achieve in an advanced technological company with the knowledge and skills obtained from my education.

What does your job entail?

After joining the company, I was presented with a whole new challenge of real life engineering which was completely different from what I thought it would be. My responsibilities have varied greatly and have included but not limited to:

  1. Definition and capture of tasks required to deliver new Line Replacement Units for the AESA Surveillance Radar Systems
  2. Top level requirement flow down to lowest level design where it gets implemented and tested
  3. Liaising with different engineering departments to find and implement the right solution
  4. Providing firmware support for development, integration, qualification and maintenance activities
  5. Delivering firmware designs for the new AESA Scanner after completing the company design process.

However, it is not just the technical skills that help me resolve a problem. I am also developing my communication skills, soft skills, organisational skills and managerial skills as I progress.

Santhosh Govardhan

What do you like most about your job?

I am lucky to have worked for managers and supervisors who have been good at bringing the best out of me so far. The challenging projects I am put forward for by the management keeps me engaged with the technical and business side of the products I work on. I am also constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge about different aspects of the business. Above all though, the recognition I get for the effort I put in gives me my job satisfaction!

Why would you recommend someone works for Leonardo?

Leonardo offers two important resources which I consider to be the best: advanced Lab facilities and the knowledgeable people with years of experience. Both make my working day extremely productive and interesting.

If you are a person with a "can do" attitude, who feels satisfied after finding a solution for a challenging problem and is willing to constantly challenge your own limits, I can assure you that you will have a great time here at Leonardo.