Apprenticeships – FAQs

Electronics, Defence & Security Systems

Where will I be based?
This is dependent upon the location highlighted on the specific opportunity you have applied for. You will be able to discuss this further with our Recruitment team.
How much time will I be required to spend at college?
Applicants for technical/manufacturing apprenticeships are required to spend up to 9 months full time at college, then day release for the remainder of the scheme. Business apprentices and those on our graduate level apprenticeship programmes, undertake day release throughout the duration of the scheme.



How long are the training programmes?
An apprenticeship will take four years to complete.
If successful, when would I start?
If you are successful, you will start after the following August bank holiday.
If I am unsuccessful, will this affect me if I apply next year?
No, this will not affect you if you apply next year. Whatever stage you reach, you will gain experience of an application process which may assist you in the future.