Engineering Career Opportunities

As a Leonardo engineer, you will be part of a world-class team creating, designing, testing and qualifying engineering solutions to the required standards of timeliness, performance, quality, safety and cost. Our engineers play a key role in major civil, security and defence programmes around the world, covering hardware, software and systems development.

  • Hardware engineers are involved in the full lifecycle of a product, from requirement capture through prototyping, schematic capture and simulation, and then onto supporting Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout and manufacture before build, test and qualification.
  • Software engineers play a key role in the whole product development lifecycle, developing high-integrity, real-time embedded software for Leonardo’s world-class products. Our software is vital to delivering the capability of our products in areas such as: command and control, tracking, signal processing, image processing, navigation, HMI, interfacing and communications.
  • Systems engineers are pivotal to ensuring our product designs are optimised to meet a wide range of challenging requirements, designing the system architecture and algorithms that deliver the capability expected from our world leading products.
  • Mechanical engineers are involved in the design and development of our radar and electro-optic products. They utilise state-of-the-art methods, technology and tools to explore all aspects of the development lifecycle, including stress and thermal analysis, requirements analysis, design, implementation, test, build and product support.


From apprentices to highly experienced engineers, we offer a range of engineering career opportunities.

Engineering Apprentices

As an Engineering Apprentice, a series of rotational placements introduce you to the many aspects of engineering design; covering Mechanical, Electronic, Systems, Software and Quality Engineering undertaken whilst working on live practical tasks and projects.


Apprenticeships across Leonardo offer a foundation from which you are able to experience how the business works and operates, whilst continuing your learning journey and gaining more qualifications within your chosen career path. The business supports day release to college, and has work-based assessors who can help guide you through understanding the practical application of many of the theories that you will learn whilst studying.


Applications are now open for the following engineering apprenticeships, starting in autumn 2019.


Job Title Ref Location
Design Engineering Graduate Apprentice 000002 Edinburgh
Technical Apprentice 000129 Bristol
Technical Apprentice 000127 Basildon
Technical Apprentice 000069 Southampton
Technical Apprentice 000023 Luton
Design Engineering Technical Apprentice 000004 Edinburgh
Software Engineering Graduate Apprentice 000003 Edinburgh


Helicopters (Based in Yeovil)

Job Title Location
Craft Apprenticeship – Composites Engineering Yeovil
Craft Apprenticeship – Dynamic Systems (Transmissions) Repair and Overhaul Yeovil
Craft Apprenticeship – Electrical Engineering Yeovil
Craft Apprenticeship – Mechanical Engineering Yeovil
Craft Apprenticeship – Site/Transmission Maintenance Engineer Yeovil
Craft Apprenticeship – Transmission Machining Engineer Yeovil
Technical Apprenticeship – Mechanical Engineering Yeovil
Technical Apprenticeship – Eletrical Engineering Yeovil
Degree Apprenticeship – Mechanical Engineering Yeovil
Degree Apprenticeship – Technical Engineering Yeovil

Engineering Graduates

As an engineering graduate, you are integrated within your specialist discipline area and immediately work with customers and suppliers on current and future projects at the heart of our business operations.


Applications are now open for the following engineering graduate roles, starting in autumn 2019.

Job Title Ref Location
Graduate Systems Engineer (Advanced Targeting Systems) 174 Edinburgh
Graduate Systems Engineer (Mode 5) 155 Any UK site
Graduate Industrial Engineer 153 Luton
Graduate Electronics – Digital/FPGA 144 Edinburgh
Graduate Systems Engineer (Radar) 139 Edinburgh
Graduate Assurance Engineer 133 Southampton
Graduate Support Engineer 116 Any UK Site
Graduate Design Integrity Engineer 115 Basildon
Graduate Test Development Engineer 83 Basildon
Graduate Supportability Engineer 81 Basildon
Graduate Electronics Engineer 80 Basildon
Graduate Hardware Architect 55 Luton
Graduate Firmware Designer 52 Luton
Graduate Microwave Designer 51 Luton
Graduate Antenna Design 50 Luton
Graduate Mechanical Engineer (Design) 36 Luton
Graduate Supportability Engineer 34 Luton
Graduate Supportability Engineer 33 Edinburgh
Graduate Software Engineer 31 Luton
Graduate Software Engineer 24 Edinburgh
Graduate Mechanical Engineer 21 Basildon
Graduate Systems Engineer 18 Southampton
Graduate Systems Engineer 17 Basildon
Graduate Electronics RF/Uwave 11 Edinburgh
Graduate Systems Engineer (EW/MAP) 7 Luton

Qualified Engineers

As a qualified engineer, you will have broad experience across several lifecycle phases and must be able to demonstrate a 'through-life’ approach to engineering.


See the latest list of engineering jobs we are recruiting

In line with our commitment to skills development, Leonardo supports its engineers – from apprentices upwards – in achieving various industry-recognised qualifications throughout their careers.