Skills Education


Leonardo is committed to maintaining its skilled workforce and recognises the national need to expand the UK’s pool of engineering resources. Leonardo operates a worldwide education programme aimed at encouraging young people throughout their academic careers to take an interest in science and technology.


In the UK, we have strategic partnerships with colleges and universities to develop engineering research capabilities and improve graduate recruitment. Employees visit schools in the UK to help with engineering projects and to give careers advice. We are one of the largest employers of engineering apprentices, providing the opportunity to gain qualifications through on-the-job training.


OFSTED, the Office for Standards in Education, has given Leonardo's apprenticeship scheme top marks, grading the Company as "outstanding".


Since 2007, the National Employer Service of the Learning Skills Council has funded Leonardo to provide apprenticeship training. Leonardo provides apprenticeship training that has adopted a “grow the engineer”, positioning engineering as an attractive career option, and itself as a progressive employer. Off-the-job training (academic learning) is provided by local Colleges and Universities through key partnerships set up.


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