Automation Material handling system supplier and integrators for the UK and Northern Territories


Integrated sorting, handling and tracking systems for letters, parcels and baggage

Leonardo believes in being at the forefront of innovation, to lead the Material Sortation Industry and improve the customer experience. We have focused on improving efficiencies and capacity in the sortation process of our material handling equipment. What has resulted is a high capacity cross-belt sorter that not only provides the reliability essential to the industry and large energy efficiencies, but provides the high throughput that can give our customers the edge and allows them to grow.


The UK automation business is focused on providing the UK and Northern territories with a local and dependable partner for customers’ whole material handling equipment solution, to respond quickly and efficiently to their operational and evolutionary needs.


Our UK presence enables close communication and mutual collaboration with our customers to fully understand their requirements resulting in solutions that not only fulfil the initial requirement but often offer innovative improvements. Leonardo is accredited in the ISO 4401:2017 Standard for Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems.


Benefits Leonardo can provide

Leonardo has a proven track record spanning 40 years in the automation industry. Our material handling systems use cross-belt technology providing:

  • High capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • High redundancy
  • Energy efficient
  • High accuracy


We work with customers to develop tailored solutions that are delivered against their individual system requirements, designed for low maintenance and also consider integration and transition planning from existing systems.


Airports Baggage Handling

Leonardo’s automation business has designed and developed a full range of systems and solutions for the automation of baggage handling in airports worldwide. All baggage handling solutions integrate advanced market-proven core proprietary technologies, providing high-speed and accurate handling of baggage in the most efficient way to satisfy customer requirements.


Each solution is tailored to the airports individual specifications, building in the required redundancy and reliability to ensure the Airports passengers receive unsurpassed customer service, whilst also leading sorting technology through the use of our cross-belt sortation capabilities.


We at Leonardo focus on the details, we pride ourselves on providing high speed and reliable baggage handling solutions, but also on finding the most efficient way during transition to integrate a new system without disruption to Airport activities such as upgrading for explosive detection systems – Standard 3 EDS.


The UK Automation Office in Bristol, covers the UK and Northern Territories of Europe, enabling us to work closely with our customers and rapidly respond to their needs.


Airports Baggage Handling Services:


Parcels & E-commerce

Leonardo’s automation line of business has developed a full range of systems and solutions for the automation of courier logistics hubs and mail sorting centres. Its solution portfolio is the result of a thorough study of the customer process, ranging from automated handling and sorting solutions for parcels, packets, flyers, flat and letters, to a complete and integrated IT platform for logistics management and governance, to a wide range of tailored aftersales services. All the solutions integrate advanced market-proven core proprietary technologies, aimed at satisfying the requirements of courier and postal operators.


Paying special attention to the rapid growth of parcel volumes, Leonardo is highlighting its multi-sorting suite – a family of innovative sorting machines for logistics, courier and postal applications based on cross-belt handling technology, designed to meet any specific customer requirement and ensure precise and gentle handling of all packages.


Parcels & E-commerce Services:


Automation UK Contacts

Leonardo is a global high-tech company present at 180 sites worldwide, with a significant industrial presence in four main markets: Italy, the UK, the USA and Poland. Organised into seven divisions, Leonardo operates in the security, aerospace and defence domains, by leveraging its areas of technology and product leadership.


The UK Automation team, based in Bristol, covers the UK and Northern Territories of Europe, enabling us to work closely with our customers and rapidly respond to their needs.


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