Tactical Systems

Tactical Systems


Leonardo Tactical Systems supplies tactical workstations and displays, Integrated Mission Systems, and Avionics EW Test products and solutions. Our facility houses comprehensive engineering development capability, environmental, electromagnetic test chambers and a world-class manufacturing cell. This facility also provides a focal point for the delivery of comprehensive Avionics End-to-End Test (ETET) systems.


Tactical Systems offer significant experience in providing tactical computing and mission system / command on-the-move products / systems and are one of Europe's largest suppliers of ultra-rugged computing for tactical battlefield and mission essential applications.


Tactical Computers & Rugged Displays

The RW Enhanced Performance (EP) Range of displays has been developed based on the very latest Intel Core™ i7 CPU technology of high resolution, modular multi-function tactical Smart Displays. These provide leading edge computing and display capability for the most demanding ground vehicle environments. The RW-EP range is compatible with the UK MoD’s Def Stan 23-09 open systems Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standard and supports video over Ethernet 00-82 protocols.


For more information regarding the Tactical Computers & Display range, including the Rugged Workstation Enhanced Performance (RW EP) Displays - RW10.4” EP, RW17.3” EP, RW12.1” EP and RW173 EP, CTD Multifunction Display, OPUS 2, Joint Platform Tablet (JPT) and Drivers Viewer Enhancer’s (DVE) Wide and Ultrawide, please contact: sales.lts@leonardocompany.com


Tactical Systems are currently completing a major upgrade for the Bowman Land Tactical Communications capability fielded by the British Army.  The £35m contract award will result in the provision of over 9,500 tactical systems to the UK MoD as part of a major upgrade. 


For more information regarding Bowman products including the Battle Management Data Terminal (BMDT-3) and the Vehicle User Data Terminal (VUDT-3) please contact: sales.lts@leonardocompany.com

Avionics Test Solutions

Leonardo Tactical Systems has a proud history of End-To-End Test (ETET) solutions for complex Electronic Warfare (EW) and Defensive Aid Systems (DAS). Its capabilities embrace all levels of support and test from the factory to the flight line. Our ETET equipment is designed to test the installed performance of Electronic Warfare (EW), Avionics and Electro-Optical systems, and Leonardo is the preferred supplier of this equipment to the UK MoD. The ETET equipment has been shown to address the Built-In-Test (BIT) gap on installed EW and avionics equipment.


For further information and datasheets for both the ATS100 and CETET, the DAS White Paper and ATS brochure contact: sales.lts@leonardocompany.com

Mission Systems

Leonardo Tactical Systems is also able to offer a range of products and support capability for Mission Systems including:

  • Data Distribution Unit (Expandable) (DDUx) and DDU Block III
  • Embedded Image Periscopes (EIPs) including the EIP Control Box, EIP Camera Module, the EIP EDM and EIP Systems.
  • Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCs) in Advanced, Intermediate and Basic
  • MRD121, MRD150 & MRD170 Multi-function Rugged Displays, MRT104
  • Vehicle Intercom Systems (VIS),
  • Tamarisk


For more information contact: sales.lts@leonardocompany.com